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    The Fully Qualified and Expert Painters NYC Residents Prefer

    Searching for painting companies NYC customers recommend? Well, look no further than 212 Painter. As one of the leading New York City painting contractors, we have several completed contracts and satisfied clients under our belt. We specialize in providing residential and commercial painting services that meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Over the years, we have been known as the local painters who offer first-class customer service at competitive prices.

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    The Trusted

    New York Painting Company

    Due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have built a trustworthy business. When you need a painter ASAP, you can contact us and we’ll use both traditional methods and modern painting techniques to complete the job promptly and professionally. We are the professional painters NYC commercial and residential clients turn to. You can contact us for the following:

    Painting Services for Commercial Buildings and Establishments

    Industrial Coatings and Finishes

    Residential Unit Painting Services

    Coatings and Finishes for Institutional Buildings

    Graffiti Removal & Prevention

    Protecting Surfaces

    New York Painting Services for Commercial Clients

    Whether you need painting services for your retail space construction or your annual building maintenance, 212 Painter is always ready to provide you with a cost-effective yet practical solution. Our team of highly skilled professionals can apply various protective coatings that will make any surface incredibly resistant to the elements. While our finishes can endure high traffic, their aesthetic appeal also adds value to your commercial space. You can trust us to professionally paint a single unit or a large commercial complex while meeting your project requirements and staying within your budget. What’s more, all our commercial NYC painting services come with a FREE ESTIMATE!


    The Best Industrial Painting Contractor NYC Has to Offer

    It takes specialized skills, craftsmanship, and equipment to maintain industrial structures. There are only a few painting companies NYC customers rely on for such service. At 212 Painter, we can confidently say that we have the right solution for you. Our team of experienced painters use premium quality coatings and expert techniques to ensure that an industrial structure will endure harsh environments. Our long

    and ever-expanding list of successfully completed projects is proof of our novel, efficient, and safe approach in industrial coating. Feel free to give us a call when you need the industrial painting contractors New York companies prefer. Here are some of the services we provide:

    • Coatings for Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities
    • Maintenance Painting Programs
    • Clean Room Coatings
    • Coatings for Machinery and Pipes
    • HVLP Spraying

    Premium Quality House Painting Service NYC Residents Always Choose

    When it comes to home and apartment painting NYC customers know that they can rely on the experts from 212 Painter. Whether you need painting services for a single residential unit or an entire subdivision, you can expect us to have the skills, experience, and workforce to complete the job. What’s more, we always adhere to the highest standards for quality. As such, we only use the best available products.

    At 212 Painter, we treat every project as if we were working on our own home. As such, we do not leave our clients with a mess to clean up after we have finished painting. Our team makes sure that the area is left in a clean and orderly state before we consider a project complete.


    Coatings and Finishes for Institutional Buildings

    It is important to remember that institutional structures require special coating and maintenance. At 212 Painter, we have the ideal solution that will make the surface robust enough to withstand the elements and the harsh weather conditions. Trust that we have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle the demands of your projects. Our institutional painting services cover the following:


    Flood & Water Damage



    Doctor’s Offices

    Graffiti removal & prevention

    Public spaces and amenities should cultivate positivity and comfort among the members of the community. Unfortunately, unsightly and sometimes offensive graffiti can ruin them. If your business establishment is defaced, it can be detrimental to the image of your company. So, when you need a painter ASAP to handle this issue, do not hesitate to contact 212 Painter.

    We can send our skilled painters to perform graffiti removal services. Moreover, our team will apply anti-graffiti coating on the walls to spare you from the endless cycle of repainting the surface. Ensuring that there will be no mismatched patches of paint, we will apply the coating over all masonry walls. So, in case the vandal comes back to deface the walls, it will be a lot easier to remove the graffiti and avoid permanent stains.

    Tips on preventing graffiti

    We understand how frustrating it is to have to deal with vandals all the time. As such, we advise our clients to take these anti-graffiti measures:

    • As soon as you see the graffiti, contact 212 Painter and let us remove it immediately. Dealing with the issue
    • promptly will lower the chances of vandals striking again.
    • Keep a small tin of matching colored paint on hand to paint out graffiti on painted surfaces.
    • Deter vandalism by planting shrubs or growing climbers up the walls and fences.

    Protecting & restoring surfaces

    When you turn to 212 Painter, we can also help you prolong the life of any surface. We use various cleaning and coating techniques that will ensure the durability of the paint. Some of the methods and products are detailed below.

    Pressure Washing

    Before repainting any surface, it is necessary to get rid of old paint, dirt, mildew, and other debris. So, you can contact us and take advantage of our pressure washing division. We can restore the original luster of pool aprons, walkways, chimneys, and vinyl surfaces, among many others. Our team can even give a fresh look to your untreated or weathered wood, using our power washing services.

    Spray Painting

    You can hire 212 Painter for both airless and HVLP spray painting. Our team can spray paint anything—from industrial structures, retail spaces, and commercial establishments to housing units, apartment blocks, and home exteriors. Make sure you contact us to discuss your project, especially since not all areas are necessarily suitable for spray painting.

    Intumescent Coating for Protecting Surfaces

    • What’s great about intumescent coating is that its appearance is similar to a paint finish while remaining stable at ambient temperatures. On the other hand, when there is an increase in the temperature (as in a fire situation), a chemical reaction causes the intumescent coating to expand several times bigger than its original thickness. Consequently, the insulating foam-like coating—or ‘char’—protects the substrate.
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    Our Point of Difference

    “Highest Standards of Quality and Safety”

    As the expert painters NYC residents trust, 212 Painter always adhere to the highest standards for quality and safety. We never cut corners just to complete the job quickly. So, we ensure that all our crew members are qualified and trained to perform any task given to them.

    We also work hard to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. As such, we find methods to minimize the disruption that our services may cause. To accommodate businesses that cannot have painting done during regular operating hours, we’ve opened our weekends and evenings. This way, we can perform our job without disrupting the operations of retail stores, offices, factories, and other commercial establishments.

    To hire the best painting contractors NYC has to offer, contact 212 Painter now! Fill out the online form to get your FREE ESTIMATE!


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